Idaho Home Automation Installations - Repairs

iHome Wiring Solutions' staff of expert technicians are happy to perform repairs or installations on your home automation services, distributed audio and video, or entertainment or security systems. We also set up structured wiring in your home or office. We serve residents and businesses of the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas.

Woman Controlling TelevisionAutomation

With home automation, you can easily turn on music, lights, heating, air conditioning, alarm features, sprinklers and more all from anywhere in your home using an intuitive wall-mounted touch screen panel or a home computer. We can even offer you a smart phone app, so you can start warming your house on your way home. With the touch of a button you can turn your television to your favorite channel, dim the lights and adjust the temperature to your liking. The possibilities are endless. All of these features, and more, can be tailored to match your lifestyle.

Bass DialDistributed Audio and Video

Whether you're entertaining or just relaxing at home, it's wonderful to have the music you want to hear wherever you want it, even outdoors. As part of your home wiring, iHome Wiring Solutions can install speakers in walls or ceiling, under eaves on your deck, even disguised as rocks in your garden. You can select radio stations, CDs and even your television...and you control it all at the touch of a button.