Listening to Music Anywhere in Your Home with Whole House Audio Visual Systems Whole House Audio

Bring music into your home like never before with a whole home audio system. Control every aspect of the music, including the type, from each room of your home with a simple touch of a button. Mom and dad can relax in the hot tub, listening to some soothing jazz while the kids play their games or watch television in the living room. You can even create a system for outdoor use with waterproof speakers and wires. And the wiring is often hidden from view, giving your new addition to your home a sleek, organized look.

Singe Source - Single Zone

A single source, single zone system broadcasts audio into each room connected to the system. Businesses and churches often use this system as it broadcasts music over a large area. It is also the least expensive, due to it only requiring a few components.

Single Source - Multi-zone Home Audio Systems

The single source, multi-zone audio system is very similar to the single source, single zone as the rooms installed with the system must listen to the same source. The difference, however, is the ability to adjust or mute the volume.

Multi-source, Multi-zone Audio

A multi-source, multi-zone system is the most flexible of home audio systems, and the most expensive due to component costs. Each zone, or room, connected to the system is able to control the volume of the audio as well as the source.

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